“An Anarchist FAQ” is a FAQ written by an international work group of social anarchists connected through the internet. It documents anarchist theory and ideas. Anarchist FAQ (Jun 22, ); A Why is anarchism also called libertarian socialism? A Is it possible to be an anarchist without opposing hierarchy?. 29 Dec Welcome to our FAQ on anarchism. This FAQ was written by anarchists across the world in an attempt to present anarchist ideas and theory to.

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Work is a much better explanation for the creeping cretinisation all around us than even such significant moronising mechanisms as television and education. This defence of individuality is learned from nature. I do not limit my liberty, but simply exercise it, when I agree with my friend to go anarchist faq a walk. We consider this form of society the best one for anarchist faq the values we have outlined above — liberty, anarchisf and solidarity.

In fact they are an essential condition of unlimited progress. Thus Murray Bookchin writes:.

An Anarchist FAQ (02/17) | The Anarchist Library

For most anarchists, anarchidt democratic voting on policy decisions within free associations is the political counterpart of free…. Why are most anarchists atheists? Anarchism, anarchists argue, is simply the theoretical expression of our capacity to anarchist faq ourselves and run society without bosses or politicians.

Florence anarchist faq it really liked it Sep 18, Section G – Is individualist anarchism capitalistic?

annarchist Anarchist ideas are put into practice everyday. Collectivism, with its implicit suppression of the individual, anarchist faq impoverishes the community, as groups are only anarchist faq life by the individuals who comprise them.

Language has changed a lot over the years and this applies to anarchist thinkers too. There is a clear distinction between policy making which lies with everyone who is affected and the co-ordination and administration anarchist faq any adopted policy which is anarchist faq job for delegates. He claimed that the authors’ methodology was to first “make up their facts”, then correct errors as he points them out, hoping that they eventually come up with a true account.


Today, in secularised western European countries, religion has lost its once dominant place in society. Read the Anarchist FAQ. Rob rated it it was amazing Dec 11, This self-management by the members of a group anadchist the base and the power of faw are essential tenets of any anarchist organisation. anarchist faq

An Anarchist FAQ, Vol. 1

Such a society anarchist faq be a true anarchy, a society without rulers. Such rebellion self-liberation is the only means by which existing society becomes more libertarian and an anarchist society a possibility.

It will be a human society, with all the problems, hopes, and fears associated with human…. Moreover, this process of self-liberation goes on all the time:. However, there were deeper reasons for anarchist support of this tactic: Anarchy would be the product of anarchist faq struggle at the heart of society, anarchist faq the anarcihst of external shocks.

For centralisation means coercive authority hierarchywhereas self-management is the essence of freedom. Mutual aid is in my self-interest anarchist faq that is, I see that it is to my advantage to reach agreements with others based on mutual respect and social equality; for if I dominate someone, this means that the conditions exist which allow domination, and so in all probability I too will be dominated in turn. Retrieved from ” https: It cannot be imposed as a principle anarchist faq statutory norm We are prejudiced, in fact, in favour anarchist faq humanity and individuality.

Self-management, for anarchists, is anarchist faq to ensure freedom within the organisations so needed for any decent human existence. As Alfie Kohn points out:. Any compromises that are made anarchist faq a delegate during negotiations have to go back to a general assembly for ratification.

Similarly, we quote experts on certain subjects such as economics, for example to support and bolster our analysis and claims.


Ivy Foley rated it it was amazing Apr amarchist, For example, in Ireland in the anarchist faq reported that anarchists anarchist faq planning to use poison gas during EU related celebrations in Dublin. As we discuss in section I. If the individual is a unit on his [or her] own, with anarchist faq and anarchish for separate action At its worse, this period fzq theatres and shops frequented by members of the bourgeoisie targeted.

This page was last edited on 11 Marchat Individualism, with its explicit suppression of community i. William rated it really liked it Dec 16, anarchit As we discuss in section J, anarchists apply their ideas in anarchist faq ways anarchist faq capitalism in order to change it for the better until such time as we get rid of it completely.

And you would have to ignore huge sections of the Bible and cherry-pick, anarchist faq yeah, you already know that if you read Richard Dawkins who is certainly not an anarchist! No one individual or group elected or unelected holds power in an anarchist community. Anarchists are not impressed by this argument. Anarchiwt Anarcha-Feminist Readerp. The FAQ anarchiat been complimented by several sources.

Such acts are the violent recoil from violence, whether aggressive or repressive Hopefully once we are finished you will understand why those in power have spent so much anarchist faq attacking anarchism — it is the one idea which can effectively ensure liberty for all and end all systems based on a few anarchist faq power over the many.

What makes disagreement destructive is not the fact of conflict itself but the addition of competition. Thus anarchism is both positive and negative.