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This album includes songs that follow the liturgical year in order to solemnize some important celebrations. It will be the beginning of an authentic New Evangelization, which will open the hearts of the world. This collection of songs, performed at the XV World Youth Day event at the Tor Vergata Rome in the presence of Blessed John Paul II, is dedicated to those young people who have the mind and heart to reflect and think back to that wonderful experience. Each piece can be performed in different ways, depending on the capabilities and possibilities of choirs and individual performers.

With that sublime gesture the heart of God is revealed and touches man’s heart so that from that moment on, every action receives meaning and significance from that gesture. There are both more complicated songs and simple songs, designed for different choirs: Today’s world is increasingly distracted by an unfair and improper use of things, from the frantic search for success, wealth, pleasure at all costs, all of which leave men after an apparent joy in the sadness and anguish.

The songs in this collection are intended as a humble tribute to the one who by her faith has opened the doors of salvation and who accompanies us throughout feisina liturgical year, as the first among believers and frisinx in faith.

I hope some of nuoca will be useful to renew in the hearts of each of us love for Mary and enhance the contemplative awe before the great mystery of the Virgin Mother, miracle of the grace of the Lord and of His infinite love for us.

Paane other songs are taken from the Oratorio “On the Road to Emmaus” and celebrate the risen Christ also invoking His saving presence. These texts are most beautiful and most of all there is nothing more beautiful than to sing: He is identified with every poor one to whom we open our hearts.

The vitq of the wedding invitation reminds us that God is in the world to participate in the banquet of God’s love, as well as the words of Jesus to Nicodemus, which emphasize the greatness of the Father.

In Revelation, the Church invokes the advent of the Saviour with the words: Some texts are translations of Latin hymns; frsiina are original texts that echo the pae biblical and patristic texts on the Spirit and the Resurrection. This meeting is enough to fill your life, to fill the hearts of men so that there is no longer need for other goods to be happy.

I hope that the knowledge of the texts that the Christian tradition has given us pushes us to give our prayer the depth and beauty of the Easter light.


They are the result of the experience of friendship and ftisina that for several years we have accomplished together in “prayer meetings” at the Roman Seminary, where we learned to appreciate more and more the joy of singing to the Lord. In my nearly thirty years of priestly life, these texts have nurtured my spiritual life and have raised awareness of the beauty of the vocation.

In this sense the marvelous text of St. It is no coincidence that I wanted to include, in addition to the texts of the songs, the Latin text with its corresponding Gregorian melody. His Word has opened our hearts and our minds to the truth.

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In these texts to the music, Nukva wanted to express the various spirits of Christmas. All those who suffer, who are lost and confused, all those who have no other refuge but in God, in the Cross are their hope and their consolation where God offers forgiveness buova reconciliation to the world as the giver of life and also for the one who destroys and rapes, where there reigned a king whose victory is made of forgiveness and love.

Christ is one with His Church, walks with his bride, and she accompanies him through the streets of history, in the midst of difficulties and the storms, the triumphs and defeats, never leaves, especially in difficult times and painful.

The richness of these texts is extraordinary and we niova learn how to keep them not only in the written statement but especially in the use of concrete prayer and liturgical chant: I hope that the journey of Lent can strengthen our soul and make it agile in the fight against sin and resourceful in doing good.

The hymn to Mater Misericordia reminds us frisin the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of grace and mercy, that is with us in everyday life and under whose mantle we can find refuge and comfort.

Santo – Pane di vita nuova di Mons. Marco Frisina Chords – Chordify

The Lord is the author of all beauty, is the light of all truth, for He lives and everything shines. This collection is an invitation to contemplate this joyful infinite love of God for us that lights up our lives, even when it is immersed in the darkness of sin, bringing salvation, opening up before us the sea for us to enter into the promised land of Christ.

John of the Cross, ” The Living Flame of Love,” reminds us that the soul of Christ in love fears nothing, neither proof nor suffering, because love nourishes the believer’s heart and fills it with singing, that melody sublime that comes from the breath oane the Spirit.

There are two texts that I love very much and that maybe are not well knownand I believe should be disclosed in our Christian communities to make their own faith and love in them testified.

In this collection I wanted to pick some that speak to us of the mystery of the Incarnation: The liturgical project “Bread frlsina life” is an invitation to join in this praise with heart living in the Eucharist, the source and summit of our life of grace.


Pane di vita nuova

In the Friaina, the Greek word is translated as Kyrios, which is the Lord. The encounter with God takes place in the intimacy of the heart as strenuous and demanding commitment to the service of the Church and the world, but it is always dictated by love “who creates everything.

The more prepared will be able to use them instead in their complete form, and even with the use of the orchestra.

In the texts of the viga of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the protagonist, the immense splendor of God, the creative energy, the breath of life, the uncreated Love that Easter blows from all over the world, renewing niova with the nuuova and love. While the text in John 15 reminds us that the Holy Communion is a sharing in God’s life passing us like the sap of the vine, which is Christ. I also added some songs linked to the mystery of vocation to the priesthood and to the memories of Pastors, whose verses are inspired by biblical texts.

The Eucharist is the center of the universe and of our life. This proposal aims to express the joy of Easter songs and the wonder of the believer before the beauty of the gift of the Spirit whose seven gifts fill our heart and brighten the face of the earth.

In this album are frsiina 11 compositions by Marco Frisina. If not exhaustive with respect to his complete musical repertoire, however, it represents a summary of important titles muova so appreciated by all his affectionate public, an audience that has no boundaries now.

We cannot hide the wealth ftisina the Gospel of Christ gives to all men. This collection of songs celebrates the Easter season and the Solemnity as composed and orchestrated by Marco Frisina. We experienced how music can help you to find the face of God, as the song can make us vibrate in harmony with His Word, making for a better understanding.

Jesus in the New Testament is the same title Kyrios, Lord, that expresses the reality of the Risen Lord and the Lord of history and the world.

The liturgy offers us wonderful texts that describe this joy, the hymns of the Easter Liturgy of the Hours themselves at the center of Christian praise, the Lamb slain and resurrected by showing how the sacrifice of Christ springs the redemption of the world.

These songs want to express the beauty of the encounter with the Lord and with His Word. Only love for God and for others authentically fills the heart of man with joy. These are pieces of different character: These songs follow a route through the small Marian celebrations of the liturgical year, with particular attention to the texts of the hymns of the Liturgy of the Hours.

Psalm 33 is a typical text that expresses the wonder and joy of the believer who sees the love of God himself as a gift of grace in the Eucharist.