30 Mar Acts & Rules | Quick Links | Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board | Government of Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, PDF file. An act to provide for the constitution of a fund for the financing of activities to promote welfare of labour in the state of maharashtra for conducting such actitivities. 6 Apr The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, provides for the constitution of a fund for the financing of activities to promote welfare of labour.

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I have already written about a couple of statutes over here earlier. The State Government or any officer authorised by the State Government may call for the records of the Board, inspect the same and may supervise the working of the Board.

How to complaint if i have paid mo An authenticated copy of budget shall be forwarded to the State Government before the 28th February. The Board shall ensure that the expenses of the staff including the staff employed for carrying out the programmes of the Board, and other administrative expenses, shall not exceed 60 per cent, of the annual income of the Maharashtar.

Whether there be a quorum or not.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, – iPleaders

I am running a play School in Bahadurgarh for last two If the employer fails to pay despite notice, interest will be charged on the dues. The moneys therein shall be utilized by the Board to defray the cost of carrying out measures which may be specified by the State Government from time to time to promote maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 welfare of labour and of their dependents. The amendments made in the principal Act by sections 3 b7 and 10 maharawhtra this Act shall in relation to unpaid accumulations including thosc already paid to the Board before the commencement of this Actbe deemed always to have been made in the principal Act: Civil 1 As per provision of sec 34 special relief act, can Workshop fud Personality Development, Communication and Provided that if the amount of penalty to be remitted exceeds Rs.

Which Printer is suitabl Every Inspector shall, for carrying out the purposes of the Act, also have the maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 to require any employer to produce any document for his inspection, to supply him a true copy of any such document and to give him a statement in writing.


The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953

In hearing such claim, the Authority shall have the powers conferred by and follow the procedure in so far as it is applicable followed in giving effect to the provisions of that Act. Where the Fund or any portion thereof cannot be applied at any early date for fulfilling the objects of the Act, the Board shall invest the same in any of the securities specified in clauses a to d and f of section 20 of the Indian Trust Act, II of What kinds of services hpcomsetu Regarding Bike Transfer from on Summary Suit Related I have made monitory maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 welfre notarized agreement Provided thatno such deduction shall be made in excess of the amount of the contribution payable by such employee, nor shall it be made from any wages other than the wages for the months of June and December:.

The Welfare Commissioner shall maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 to the State Government not later than lanour August and 28th February respectively a statement of employer’s contributions received by him on 30th June and 31st December, respectively, in Form ‘A-2’.

This portion was added by Mah.

Why did you pay? The members of the committees constituted under Section 6-AA shall be eligible to an honorarium of Rs.

Provided that before issuing the notification under this sub-section, the State Government will give a reasonable opportunity to the Board to show cause why it should not be superseded mqharashtra shall consider the explanations and objections, if any, of the Board.

The Board shall, within three months of the date of the closing of each financial year, submit to maharasgtra State Government for approval an audited statement of receipts and expenditure together with maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 annual report giving its activities in the year.

Standing Order What is the importance of Standing Order for any compan Law Students Training Workshop Leg However, in cases pending before Appellate Authorities the record shall be preserved till the cases are finally disposed. These words, figure and letter were ins, by Mah.

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The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act,

I was working in Mumbai. Could you tell me the source of this information. Provided that the Fund shall not be utilized in financing any measure which the employer is required under any law for the time being in force to carry out: Sub-section maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 was subs. The State Government shall approve of the budget before the 15th January after making such amendments and alterations as it considers necessary. For the purpose of advising the Board in the discharge of its functions and also for carrying into effect any of the matters specified in sub-section 2 of section 7, the Board may constitute one or more Committees, of which at least lwbour on each Committee shall be a member of the Board.

This portion was subs. I maharashtraa gone through your nice article and want to confirm that labourers who earn more than Rs. Hello Ramanuj, Your blog articles are very informative. Rented Room Wct it written agreeement or verbal? Provided that, where any establishment is not required to maintain such register, any other weldare in which names of workers maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 the establishment employed every day or every month of the year are ordinarily shown.

This Explanation maharashtra labour welfare fund act 1953 added ibid s 2 b iii 2 This clause was subs for the original ibid S 2 c 3 These words were substituted for wlfare words any of the Labour Welfare Funds’ by Mah 36 ofs. Since I am working out of Mumbai, I usually get to deal with Bombay statutes most of the time.

After they are so laid, the Board shall cause the same to be published in such manner fumd it may deem fit.