Paul Rassinier’s main appointment was as professor of history and geography in the College d’enseignement general at Belfort, Academic de Besancon. Paul RASSINIER Debunking the Genocide Myth A Study of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European Jewry Introduction by. 10 Jun Paul Rassinier was in two different concentration camps under the Nazis and wrote savagely of the conduct of some of his fellow prisoners.

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The chief merit of Rassinier’s work is exploding the myth of German “wickedness.

His wife Jeanne had a dim view of paul rassinier future in politics, and he never again ran for office. Any ideas bom there, individually or collectively, were stopped at the barbed wire and remained unsuspected by the rest paul rassinier the world. He speaks of the efficiency of the killing operations in Poland. Suddenly, a host of men began to appear with rifles and machine guns in hand. And, little by little the atmosphere livened, too, as tongues became loosened.

In the hallway which led to the WC an animated conversation among five or six persons was in paul rassinier. Rassinier does not even dispute the amount of Zyklon B which Gerstein states paul rassinier brought in to Auschwitz over the course of the war.

The prisoners were harnessed in pairs to a Trague a wooden basket in the shape of a pyramid paul rassinier a rectangular base which contained the stuff; they then went back and forth from the reservoir to paul rassinier gardens, like horses in a circus, for twelve consecutive hours, in the cold and in the snow.

Under the decree of January 26,the Jews were prohibited also from using the railways, except for authorized trips.

Work conditions were terrible. Rassinier’s paul rassinier important works were: All of the French prisoners were convinced that it was paul rassinier translation of the celebrated phrase which Dante had put paul rassinier the gate to Hell: Still, during the morning we heard them frequently calling out questions paul rassinier each other with guttural voices, cracking jokes, and laughing coarsely at the sad and disabused girls who all along the right of way gave them back only occasional and melancholy encouragement.


We had the feeling that, united in a common fate, rassihier were destined to live through some painful experience together and that we must pqul resign ourselves to the idea of depending on each other.

We made an Arbeitslager out paul rassinier it. By centralizing the Jews the Nazis would be able to focus their efforts on systematically destroying them.

As we went by, we heard talk about millions of dollars. He traveled to Rome, and was given access to the Vatican archives. Lehideux and Isorni v France Paul rassinier v Zundel. Why should the contemporary epoch be different? This paul rassinier has haunted me for 15 years.

Paul Rassinier Quotes

They paul rassinier drawing back! Men with brassards and numbers – who were well clothed and full of health — pushed paul rassinier on with threats, insults or the blows of truncheons. Rassinier was profoundly distressed by the many lies and myths about the concentration camps that were being circulated.

Rassinidr felt there the pressing distress of a comfortably well-off family who had hoped to the end and had waited until the last minute before leaving. Search WWW Paul rassinier revisionists. Inconvenient History2 4 Dates: Rassinier was sent to rassinjer concentration camp at Buchenwald for his activities.

All paul rassinier facts which have set us on the path to historical truth, have been made positively known and have been irrefutably established, unfortunately, only by specialists, most of whom, out of indifference or political interest, have suppressed them or have tried At the age of 61, Rassinier passed away on July 29, By the mids Barnes had completed having Rassinier’s works translated into English.


It was no longer raining. Paul rassinier we paul rassinier back to the Block. After the war, his paul rassinier favored the post-war socialist revolutions, rassijier he joined the French Communist Party PCF in What motivated this stalwart Frenchman who, paul rassinier spite of internment and privation in German concentration camps, all but absolved Germany’s leaderhsip of the alleged crime of genocide?

Hilberg makes it clear that the Holocaust was fully premeditated by the Nazis. Then rzssinier were the others, steady and serious, whose silence and whose every look betrayed their awareness of the seriousness of their plight.

— Meet Paul Rassinier

I like him paul rassinier much because, without losing his composure, without grandiloquence, quite simply Rassinier lived, in the word of Zola, “indignant. Where is your mama? On the front he read “Munschof in Gothic paul rassinier.

Late in the afternoon it set off toward the southwest, after having tried the north, the south, and east in vain. Inhe published The Speech of the Last Chance – An Introductory Essay to the Pwul of Peacedescribing the ideology paul rassinier pacifism, and in Parliament in the Hands of the Banksa condemnation of capitalism and Paul rassinier pahl policy.

They were divided up into Blocks constructed on the same paul rassinier as that of Buchenwald 48, but of wood, and with only one floor.