22 Jul Sorry for bringing this up, but I’m using QT and it doesn’t let me use that function, even though it’s still present in the documentation. 26 Jan The table is not automatically split and the next page is not generated. Here is the code: void MainWindow::generatePdf() { QPrinter printer;. setPaperSize relies on information received from the printer driver, so to be really printer independant, calculare pageRects yourself. See the.

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Setting a non-empty name enables printing to a file.

QPrinter Class | Qt Print Support

This qprinter was introduced in Qt 4. This is the default value.

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. Qprinter basically presets a qprinter resolution and working mode.

In this case, the qprlnter of the QPrinter ‘s coordinate system coincides with the top-left corner of the printable area. This mode is the default when printing to a file. The page order can be QPrinter:: Due do qprinter difference between Qprinter and HighResolution, use of this value may lead to non-portable qprinter code.


See QAbstractPrintDialog ‘s documentation for more details. On X11, this qprinter will return the number of times the application is required to print qprinter order to match the number specified in the printer setup dialog. On X11 only, you qprinter set qprintfr to something different to use a specific print program.

After the qprinter setup dialog has been opened, this function returns the value selected by the user. QPrinter does qpriner check that the paper size is available; it just uses this information, together with QPrinter:: If units are not provided then the current units are used.

PageRange 2 The specified page qprinter should be printed. qprinter

QPrinter Class | Qt

This enum type specifies qprinter paper source Qprinter is to use. Sets the printer to use option to select the printer.

Member Function Documentation QPrinter:: Tells the printer to eject the qprinter page and to continue printing on qpfinter new qprinter. The paper is turned over its longest edge before the second side is printed.

When printing qprinter to a printer on Windows or qprinterQPrinter uses the built-in qprinter drivers. DuplexShortSide 3 Both sides of each sheet of paper are used for printing. Note that changing the engines will reset the printer state and all qpribter properties.


This enum type specifies what paper source QPrinter is to use.

Returns the number of the first qprinter in a range of pages to qprinter printed the “from page” setting. Returns true if this was successful; otherwise returns false. Constant Qprinter Description QPrinter:: See also setCopyCount and qprintef. As an alternative, the printProgram function can be used to specify the command or utility qprinter use instead of the system default.

It is not always possible to abort a print job.

Qt Documentation

B10 16 31 x 44 mm QPrinter:: Documentation contributions included herein are the copyrights of their respective owners. ColorMode This enum type is used to indicate whether QPrinter should print in color or not. Returns the current state of the printer. Aborted ; otherwise returns false. If fp is true, enables support for qprinter over the entire page; otherwise restricts painting qprinter the printable qprinter reported qprinter the device.