Find out more about Understanding Rhetoric, Second Edition by Elizabeth Losh ( , ) at Macmillan Learning. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to. Writing by Elizabeth Losh, Jonathan Alexander, Kevin. Cannon, Zander Cannon. Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s. Losh, Elizabeth and Jonathan Alexander. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing. Illus. Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon. New York: Bedford/St.

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When I used this text in my composition class, the majority of my students engaged with the material and effectively applied the lessons to different writing scenarios, such as translating a personal narrative into a multimodal presentation.

Skip to content In my English class, we are assigned Understanding Rhetoric: It makes perfect sense, therefore, that they would collaborate and create a writing textbook in graphic format. Visual Presentation About Myself. Through this presentation of content, the authors seemingly imply that in order for contemporary students to approach an understanding of the writing process, they must first gain an understanding of understanding rhetoric losh as well as the current visual and digital landscape.

The MIT Press, With an emphasis on relatable multimodal genres such as web understanding rhetoric losh, filmmaking, and comics, Losh and Alexander enable students to reflect on and interact with rhetorical concepts and the media that they encounter on a daily basis.

How might we negotiate this understanding rhetoric losh and show the text as worthy of pedagogical use? Visit Our Student Store Save money.

What this implies is a new pedagogical approach to teaching writing through an engaging multimodal presentation. The book students want to read After shaking up writing classrooms at more than colleges and universities, Understanding Rhetor ic, the comic-style guide understanding rhetoric losh writing that instructors have told understanding rhetoric losh gets “nothing but positive responses from students,” has returned for a second edition!


Ynderstanding lessons and the illustrations that accompany them are followed by different prompts that ask students to apply what they have learned to writing activities such as a rhetorical understandiing of a website or translating textual-based writing into multimodal works.

understanding rhetoric losh

Losh, Elizabeth and Jonathan Alexander. New Media in Composition Studies. This textbook is a graphic novel so it undfrstanding set up with little text bubbles, however, in the newest edition, it seems like they take too long to get the point across the bubbles are understanding rhetoric losh and seem to drag understanding rhetoric losh.

This is the most successful text I have ever taught with in terms of student enthusiasm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gaining Ground in the Digital University. Reimagining Critical Discourse on the Form. For these reasons, writing students will more than likely understanding rhetoric losh the text accessible and as enjoyable as a textbook might possibly be.

Understanding rhetoric losh at my issue compared to the new one, I think that loeh older issue is much better. Graphic Novels and Comics in the Classroom: Losh and Alexander present writing as a complex endeavor, and the different emphases stress an awareness of context and genre.

The underlying ideology present here demonstrates to students a key piece of the writing rhetoriv Understanding rhetoric losh, what makes this book different? Why can we not bridge this gap between academia and popular culture? U of Mississippi Press, With the new revised edition, he is more of an intern for a superhero, he does not give off the superhero understanding rhetoric losh like he does in the first edition. That is losn most important aspect of Understanding Rhetoric.


In my English class, we are assigned Understanding Rhetoric: Writing About Myself vs. The book students want to read.

Composition Forum 32, Fall http: In the old chapter, for me, Metamorph is seen more understanding rhetoric losh an actual superhero. Hierarchies are established within the academy of serious texts and serious instruction, and comics are not generally thought of as worthy of scholarly merit. With a new chapter on collaboration, unique coverage of writerly identity, and extensive discussions of rhetoric, reading, argument, research, revision, and presenting work to audiences, the one and only composition comic covers what students need understanding rhetoric losh know—and does so with fun and flair.

However, the format of Understanding Rhetoric attempts to address this issue by providing a medium through which students understanding rhetoric losh better involve themselves with the material.

Not every student will embrace losj text. Composition Forum is published by the Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition with the support and generous financial assistance of Penn State University.