ZombiU: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides) [David Hodgson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. • Tear through an. This is our guide, written by codebreak, for the Wii U ZombieFest, Zombi U. In our guide you will find a walkthrough for most of the levels, plus loads of extra. 19 Aug When being surrounded by zombies, sprint by them. Retreating is almost always a wise strategy in ZombiU. #3 – Be careful of explosions!.

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Even if you don’t have a Molotov, using a Flare to find zombiu strategy guide how many zombies are in the area can really help. Play Online This option isn’t stdategy to everyone, but any player with an Internet connection should play ZombiU online. This is feature allows you to search the site. This tiny house is a life saver, as it indicates the presence of a manhole behind the door, and the manhole can lead you back to your Zombiu strategy guide House.

zombiu strategy guide Also be sure to zombiu strategy guide your weapons constantly, as a more effective weapon will eat up less of your ammo. They can often be found in areas strategu with the safehouse symbol, which is a house with a circle around it, written in black paint.

It may not seem like much but it can buy you time to heal or reload while the zombies are busy breaking down the door. The only thing between zombiu strategy guide and death is this shot. Whenever you see a gamer tag appear on your screen, hunt down the Survivor Zombie and reap the benefits. The best way to take out a normal zombie meaning not armored or booby trapped one on one, is to use the cricket bat.

Overview Like the name suggests, a number of rooftops intertwine to bring forth a subtle killing zone with a great view. They’re not bad, but you don’t get a ton of ammo for them, and by zombiu strategy guide time you find one you’ll probably be accustomed to the other weapons instead. Keeping zomibu of these between you and the zombie will help prevent zombiu strategy guide from being bitten, and also give guive the opportunity to crack it’s skull with your cricket bat.


There are items absolutely everywhere, zombiu strategy guide you’ll need a lot of weapons, ammo and restorative goods to get through the game. They’re the most common type, and the easiest to kill. Shotguns run out zmbiu ammo fast, so wait for enemies to get close before unloading on them for maximum efficiency. These heavily-armoured fiends are still wearing riot gear which brushes off gunfire.

Survivor Zombies appear where they died in their own games, and though this is typically near the Safe House, it’s often in danger zones guidf with other zombies. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Zombiu strategy guide mines around it and see the Zombies step on them as they try to avoid the crates. It offers a fuide spot to hold up and zombiu strategy guide some zombies. You will stumble upon plenty of upgrades to your weapons throughout the game.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Zombi Survival Tips Guide

When that happens you’ll want a combination of strong guns and explosives, the latter zombiu strategy guide when you’re facing a pack of undead. There are seven different types of zombie units you’ll come across in ZombiU. The bigger problem they present is via their weird electrical emissions, which will fizzle your radar.

Additionally your scanner can see through fog, smoke, and grant you zombiu strategy guide much zombi view of the environment than your flashlight ever will.

Most of the time you want to approach them with the Cricket Bat.

This way they will have to focus on one direction zombiu strategy guide vuide, giving your minions on the other end to close in for the kill. You’ll often just have zombiu strategy guide tolerate these effects until you can locate and eliminate the zombie. Barring that, strafing and bullets to the head are the best way to kill off more than one zombie.


Tactics — Survivor Make use of the courtyard and rack up kills. If you do happen to lose all your stuff, your weapons will respawn in random places in the game. Zombiu strategy guide do not have unlimited zombii in ZombiU, and even if you did the racket your guns make would bring every zombie in London down on top of you.

ZombiU Walkthrough: Survival Tips | LevelSkip

Your map tells you a lot of useful information. Lastly, don’t forget to ‘double tap’.

Sfrategy are very effective at making zombie heads explode like melons, especially the guns you find later in the game. A ramp leading to an upper lookout area is a good way to avoid zombies. Explosions can be the most frustrating way to die in ZombiU. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. The pillars and shelving allow you to take cover, reload, restock, or heal and fight to survive.

Isac Jonsson Jul 12 5: You can identify them via the pale emissions over their heads. Pokemon Go Posts How many have you caught? You can use this straetgy streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account.

Even if zombiu strategy guide inventory is full, you should definitely make room for these items. Light is Friend and Foe Your flashlight isn’t an option in many parts of the game.

Speaking of workbenches, these are zombiu strategy guide in the world of ZombiU. Remember only zombiu strategy guide that are moving or standing get picked up by the radar. Finally the central container area in area 6 is of vital importance.